HCC Home to School Transport Consultation

22nd January 2018

Home to School Transport and Post-16 Transport

The County Council is asking for your views on proposals to change Home to School Transport and Post-16 Transport.

The proposals are to continue to meet the County Council’s legal requirements, but to limit any discretionary provision. The proposed changes would result in cost savings of up to £1.54m. Consultation open until 13 Mar 2018.

Views are being sought on the following proposed changes:

  • To stop providing new Home to School Transport to children with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities attending nursery placements from September 2018
  • To only provide Home to School Transport once a child reaches compulsory school age from September 2019
  • To implement the revised walking distance from two miles to three miles on a child’s eighth birthday from September 2018
  • To remove the automatic right to Post-16 Transport for new placements from September 2018
  • To charge where transport is provided as an exception to policy.

Please have your say: www.hants.gov.uk/home-to-school-transport