Home Learning


Sparsholt C of E Primary School values home learning and the opportunities home learning can bring to consolidate learning, deepen understanding or prepare pupils for work to come.  We are committed to providing home learning which is age and stage appropriate, providing opportunities for pupils to work independently and alongside parents.  


  • To provide further opportunities for pupils to work independently
  • To engage home and school in supporting each child’s learning
  • To further enhance the integrated curriculum through linked home learning tasks
  • To consolidate and reinforce learning in lessons through practice
  • To gather knowledge for future school learning
  • To ensure a consistent approach across the school


Home Learning at Sparsholt Primary will take the form of weekly tasks, integrated project tasks and home learning challenges.

Weekly tasks will;

  • Focus on English in KS1 and English and maths in KS2. 
  • Be recorded in a homework book.
  • Be given out and collected as follows:
    • Willow :  flexibly as per topic letter
    • Beech & Maple : Every Tuesday
    • Rowan & Oak : Every Friday
  • Marked by an adult.

Integrated project tasks will;

  • Be set for each project and information provided to parents through the Class Curriculum Newsletter.

Home Learning Challenges will;

  • Be set for pupils in Years 5 and 6 to further develop research skills and find out further project related information.
  • Will usually be set over a short period of time to feed back into class learning, eg, overnight.

Home/School Communication and Support

Parents are welcome to provide feedback on reading by writing in the Reading Diary (Early Years and KS1) and Home/School Diary (KS2) or writing a comment in the Home Learning Book.  If parents have any questions or concerns about home learning, they should contact their child’s teacher.  The school organises training where appropriate for parents focused on supporting learning at home eg, Maths Workshops or one to one meetings.

Progression in Home Learning

Reception Short time daily

Reading/phonics and project related tasks.   

Year 1 & 2 

20-30 minutes each week *

Reading, high frequency words/phonics and project related tasks.  

Year 3 & 4 30-40 minutes per week *

English, mathematics and project related tasks.  

Year 5 & 6 50-60 minutes per week * English, mathematics, home learning challenges and project related tasks.

                                       *Timings are a guideline and may vary.

We also ask that pupils spend some time reading daily at home, either with an adult or independently.

We will be reviewing our Home Learning Procedures in light of the new Virtual Learning Environment which will be available to parents and children in the Autumn Term 2016.