House teams

1st March 2019

Promoting Outstanding Behaviour and Positive Attitude to Learning       

Everyone has been excited in school this week about the relaunch and revamp of our school House Team System.

Our newly improved House system aims to promote, outstanding behaviour, successful learners, confident individuals and a strong community spirit.

Each child and member of staff is allocated a House Team: Rope, Wave, Key or Star. Our House names are derived from the elements which make up our school mosaic emblem. House points will be awarded to children who go above and beyond by demonstrating important qualities such as: determination, hard work, effort, teamwork and kindness, as well as in recognition of our school Christian values of courage, creativity and compassion.

Inter-house competitions will also provide opportunities for winning points and healthy rivalry!  Each week, house points are counted and announced in Celebration Worship, and a running total kept for each half term and displayed on our new House Team Notice Board. The winning house team will be awarded the Mosaic House Cup. Children will also keep a personal record of their house points and certificates presented for 25 house points (bronze), 50 house points (silver) and 100 house points (gold).

Children in each House Team voted for Yr 6 House Captains: -   

  • Rope: William and Lizzy
  • Wave: Luke and Layla
  • Star: Daniel and Maisie
  • Key: Josh and Elsa