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Inspections - OFSTED and SIAMS

We were inspected by OFSTED in September 2010 . The report stated that...
"The school code, ‘Show care, kindness, respect for others, pride in our work and let the teachings of Jesus guide us in all we do’, is woven into the very fabric of this outstanding school. Staff expect pupils to do their best and, as a result, their attainment is high and all groups of pupils make consistently good progress."

Commendations from our National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAS) Report in 2015 reported:

  • The school's strong emphasis on explicit Christian values significantly impacts on the daily behaviour and individual development of pupils.
  • Religious Education teaching is highly effective in developing the children's thinking and pupil work shows a good balance between the gaining of knowledge and independent ideas.
  • Collective Worship is an outstanding feature of Sparsholt school. It is an integral part of school life, led by staff and regular visitors. Pupil engagement in worship is shown by excellent behaviour and an eagerness to participate.
  • Local and international links, established by the school, contribute successfully to the pupils' understanding of other communities. Pupils are keen to explain differences and similarities and why there should be respect between different faiths.