Oceans Are Not Rubbish Gallery

2nd November 2018

Oceans are not Rubbish Competition

We had a fantastic response to our whole school plastic recycling challenge! Every morning this week. we have been greeted by children eager to show us their brilliant sculptures of endangered creatures, from wonderful whales, terrific turtles and super seals to jazzy jelly fish and amazing albatrosses! A panel of staff judges had the difficult task of choosing winners from each class during celebration worship today.

  • Willow Cl: Fallon, Madeleine, Oscar.
  • Beech Cl: Inigo, Rocco, Annie.
  • Maple Cl: Seth, Oli B.
  • Rowan Cl: Lilianna, Martha.
  • Oak Cl: Flynn Claudia, Lizzy, Finn.
Congratulations to all our competition winners! A special congratulation and mention to the star sculptors: Ollie B, who was praised for his sculpture made entirely from plastic rubbish salvaged from the beach, and Lizzy & Jamie were commended for their well-researched Crown of Thorns Starfish sculpture.