Curriculum Opportunities

Our School seeks to grow the talents of our children beyond national expectations. Our curriculum provides a purposeful, challenging and engaging approach to learning and maximises the opportunity for parents to be involved.

At school we offer additional clubs such as music & choir, dance, football, netball, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, athletics and craft. There is individual instrument tuition and all the children in Key Stage 2 learn a modern foreign language. We enthusiastically take part in a range of competitions and tournaments.

The school is very proud to have been awarded ModeShiftStars Bronze and School Games Gold.

We also participate fully in the pyramid of schools extra curriculum activities that include sport, the arts and music. We believe passionately that planned visits and invited guests enrich the curriculum and have inspirational effects upon our learners. We are keen to harness the talents of our parents and local volunteers and we value their help in promoting the very best educational attainment and opportunities for our pupils.

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