School Car Park

A small public car park is available at the front of the school.  This car park can be very busy at the beginning and end of the school day and parents are advised not to use the car park if they are in a hurry to leave the school site.
Please take care when accessing the school by foot as footpaths are limited.

School Car Park Guidelines

We would like to remind you of our car parking guidelines:

  • Please do not move your cars when the children walk to or from the bus. We would request that you remain stationery for a few minutes longer and allow the children to safely make their way across the car park
  • Please do not park over the marked pedestrian walk-ways in the car-park
  • Post Office staff, Sparsholt Parish Council and Sparsholt residents kindly request that you do not park in Woodman Lane, especially outside the Post Office. Parking directly outside the Post Office (where the white lines are painted) impedes our school coach which then blocks the road completely. Be aware that the service bus also needs to get through each hour.
  • There are 3 parking bays closest to the shop which are for the use of Post Office/Shop staff only and should only be used for a quick pick-up/drop off only.
  • For safety reasons, please refrain from parking in the entrance to the car park
  • If you double-park in the car-park please drop off or pick up your child/children promptly so allowing others to get away as quickly as possible
  • An alternative to the car park would be to park in Woodman Close and walk up to school through the pathway at the back of the playground – we recommend this option. Please be careful not to impede disabled bays in front of some of the houses in the Close
  • Please note we will not be able to offer the field as an over-flow car park during wet weather.
  • Please make full use of the bus if your child has a pass
  • Finally we ask you to be courteous at all times to other users of the car park