I would like to make an appointment with my child's teacher/head teacher

Open communication between home and school is a great strength of our wonderful school. Many parents have mentioned how much they appreciate the text reminders and quick phone messages for our Admin Team. We are continually looking for ways to make receiving messages from parents even better and in ways to make sure the right person hears the information.

In the mornings before the day starts
  • Please give messages that involve classroom and learning matters affecting you child to the class teacher or classroom assistant.
  • End of day arrangements and information about dental appointments etc. should go directly to the office, this could be a short note, email or phone message.
  • Absence must be emailed to the dedicated absence email address: absence@sparsholt.hants.sch.uk
If you need to speak with the class teacher
  • Please pop in/call/email the office to make an appointment to see them at the end of the day – usually they will be available on the same day, unless teachers have another meeting planned.
  • Note that Wednesday is our staff meeting day.
If you need to speak with the Head or Deputy Head Teacher
  • If you have a concern or something that continues to be a worry, then please do make an appointment to see either our Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher and we may ask the class teacher to join us to help sort out what needs to be done.
  • This meeting can be arranged at short notice via the school office but it would be helpful if you can indicate the nature of your concern so the right people meet up or resources can be gathered beforehand.