My child needs to bring medication to school with him

We require your written permission to administer prescribed medicines in school. Please bring the medication to the school office where we will ask you to fill in and sign a permission slip which details the type of medication, the dose required and at what interval (if any) medication should be given. 
  • Please hand the medicine over to the office staff personally.
  • Please do not decant medicines into other containers. We can only accept medicines in their original container as disposed by the pharmacy, otherwise we might miss important instructions and warnings.
  • If your child refuses to take the medicine, we will make every effort to inform you on the same day.
  • For any medication on a long term basis, ask the pharmacy if they can supply a separate labelled supply just for the school (they might need another prescription to do this). We can then keep a separate supply at school without the need for you to send medicines in each day.
  • Any instructions for dosage and storage must be included along with the date the medicine was first opened.
We can no longer accept any other non-prescribed medicines e.g. Calpol, cough syrups, skin creams, antihistamines. If your child requires any of these medicines please arrange for them to be prescribed.