Parent Surveys

Dear Parents and Carers,


Please find below the results and outcomes from our Parent Surveys. Thank you so much to all of you who completed them – it is an invaluable tool to help us understand what is working well and what we need to improve on.


We use parent surveys to help inform our School Improvement Plans and we are very pleased with the progress these surveys show we have made against certain objectives.


These include:

  • Children feeling listened to and knowing who to go to if they have any concerns
  • Education around bullying and what children should do if they witness others being unkind
  • Communication between the school and parents and the school responding to any concerns raised.
  • The value of information received about children’s progress
  • Our Christian ethos and values
  • Increased extra-curricular opportunities


We have again used the results of the most recent survey to help us with this year’s school improvement plan so thank you to all of you who took the time to take part and include your thoughts.


Please find below the results for each question and also a summary of comments around what we do well and what we need to work on.