Inspections - OFSTED

Our most recent OFSTED inspection took place on 31st October 2023 and 1st November 2023. As a school we are really pleased with the outcomes having been judged as OUTSTANDING for both Personal Development and Behaviour and Attitudes.  


The report highlights the many positives of our fantastic school including stating:


  • This is a welcoming and vibrant school.
  • The school has high expectations for all pupils to achieve their best. Pupils respond positively to these. They try hard in lessons and keenly get involved in a range of clubs and school events.
  • Relationships between pupils and staff are warm and positive. Pupils are well cared for and value the attentive approach of staff. They feel safe and know that any concerns they report to staff will be addressed promptly.
  • The school has an ambitious and broad curriculum. For each subject, there is careful planning of the important knowledge pupils need to learn and when they will do this.
  • In early years, the well-planned curriculum is adapted each year so that it meets the specific needs of the children.
  • Teachers know pupils well, and pupils with potential special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are promptly identified. Staff make appropriate adaptations which support pupils with SEND to achieve well.
  • There is a rigorous approach to reading. Children learn phonics from the start of Reception. Pupils who are struggling are given prompt support so that they catch up quickly. Through diverse and rich texts, the reading curriculum develops pupils’ vocabulary and comprehension well. This highly effective approach is reflected in the strong reading outcomes in 2023.
  • Behaviour is exemplary across the school. There are high expectations and pupils learn about excellent conduct.
  • Across lessons, pupils work hard and have excellent attitudes to learning.
  • The school’s approach to character development is exceptional. High-quality opportunities deliberately broaden the horizons of pupils.
  • Leaders are determined that pupils will achieve well. They strive for continuous improvement.


The whole school community: children, parents, staff, governors and the wider community show fantastic support for all that we do which is what makes our school such a vibrant, welcoming and inspiring place to be a part of.


Please find below the full OFSTED report.