Intent, Implementation and Impact of Mathematics at Sparsholt C of E Primary School


Mathematics teaching at Sparsholt C of E Primary School aims to shape confident, competent and resilient mathematicians who relish challenges and show courage within mathematics. We aim to teach children to develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts allowing them to become independent, reflective and creative thinkers. This will enable them to apply their learning and skills within mathematics, the wider curriculum and everyday life.

We want our children to enjoy mathematics and approach the subject in a positive manner as mathematics is an integral part of the wider curriculum. Mathematical skills enable our children to access other areas in the curriculum, create thinking habits such as recognising patterns and making connections as well as developing fluency for flexible thinking to access other areas of the curriculum fully.

As stated in the national curriculum, this will be achieved through developing fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics; allowing opportunities for reasoning mathematically using proof and mathematical language and solving problems by applying maths in a variety of ways and context. The aim of mathematics at Sparsholt is to form a very secure foundation to access other areas of the curriculum as well as the wider world enabling our children to become lifelong learners.


Mathematics teaching at Sparsholt follows the White Rose Maths long term schemes of learning* for year 1-6 including using the mixed year group overviews where applicable. From these we have adapted our own medium term planning grids with clear learning journeys using the ‘small steps’ as guidance and including recommendations of models to use, as well as essential vocabulary.

Year R link their mathematics to their topic planning. They use child led continuous provision with areas of adult initiated learning to provide plenty of opportunities for the use of concrete equipment to introduce the fundamentals of mathematics as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. This is tracked and assessed using Tapestry.

As Sparsholt have a Year R and 1 mixed class, Year R often benefit from questioning and imitating their Year 1 peers leading to further opportunities to surpass the Early Learning Goals as well as the Year 1 children benefitting from plenty of practical opportunities for learning mathematics.

Concepts in all year groups are taught with a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach allowing the children to develop meaningful connections when learning new concepts. Staff also refer to the Calculation Policy when teaching formal methods, understanding that sometimes children find their own efficient methods along the way.

Lessons at Sparsholt include a variety of fluency, problem solving and reasoning tasks appropriate for the age and stage of the children. We use flexible grouping to allow for constant assessment and support without limiting the children’s progress. We track the progress with termly assessments from White Rose Maths as well as teacher assessments at the end of each block taught.

*2020-2021 Covid-19 addendum

In light of school closures as a result of Covid-19 during Spring and Summer term 2020 and Spring 2021 the White Rose Maths units all include additional revision which will be taken into account when adapting planning.


The impact of our Maths at Sparsholt aims to create confident, competent and resilient mathematicians. This is evidenced and monitored through learning walks and feedback; pupil voice conversations; book scrutiny; staff training throughout the year; staff meetings to share messages.

Children have access to a range of concrete resources and materials to support them in mathematics throughout the key stages. When children move to secondary school they will have strong foundations in the fundamentals of mathematics. This will enable them to access increasingly complex problems with courage, creativity and confidence.

The following mastery overviews have been developed by primary practioners in conjunction with the White Rose Maths Hub to provide a curriculum plan that will support ‘Teaching for Mastery’.

There is a termly plan for year groups from Year 1 to Year 6; each term is split into twelve weeks.
Please go to the Early Years section of our website and look at the Early Years foundation stage profile handbook which outlines the expectations for children in Reception. 
All our curriculum maps and overviews are.pdf documents and will open in Adobe Reader, which is available as a free download from Adobe -
Copies of all the curriculum mapping are available on request from the school office.