About Oak Class

Oak Class is a mixed year group of year 5 and year 6 children taught by Mrs Jane Gwilliam. Mrs Gwilliam is an experienced teacher who is very interested in sport.  She runs the Hockey and Lacrosse Clubs in the Autumn and Spring Terms, and Athletics Club in the Summer Term, weather permitting!

Mrs Gwilliam is responsible for the PE Curriculum across the school and is our KS2 manager.

We are making use of Mrs Gwilliam's links with other local schools for sporting competitions and we have sent teams to take part in Cross Country, Netball, Cricket, Football, and Lacrosse inter-school competitions.  One of our lacrosse teams have made the National Pop Lacrosse finals year after year!

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Clare Rowe is the Learning Support Assistant in Oak Class and will be working with Mrs Gwilliam and the children throughout the week.