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Emergency Closures

Please ensure we have your current telephone numbers and email addresses so we can contact you in the case of an emergency.  
School closures due to heavy snowfall
Through careful planning and communication we aim to prevent the stranding of pupils or staff and the unnecessary travelling to and from school before and during heavy snowfall.
  • The school will try its very best to open on all days. However, in the event of heavy snowfall we cannot guarantee that staff will be able to attend school; the coach company which transports our pupils may not be able to reach the school; therefore a decision to close or restrict school opening may have to be made.
  • If the school is closed, a member of staff will try to be available at school to ensure that messages and communication are maintained for the first few hours of closure, thereafter the school will be empty. If you attempt to travel to school and no member of staff is present, your children must remain your responsibility and should not be left unattended at school.
  • If the school is open but parents are unable to get their children to us because of the weather conditions, please let us know so that we can account for everyone’s safety.
Communication between the school, staff and parents may be by one or more of the following: